Nissan Altima Dashboard Symbols

Dashboard Lights

As you drive your Nissan Altima, you’ll notice different symbols turn on in the dashboard area. Performance Nissan knows, that with so many lights to keep track of, you might be wondering what each one means as you travel through Fort Lauderdale, Weston, or Tamarac.

We’ve compiled this dashboard symbols guide to take a closer look at the dashboard warning and indicator lights, describing their meaning to Pompano Beach, Margate, and Coral Springs motorists.

Important Nissan Dashboard Symbols

Warning lights should draw immediate attention. These are usually red or orange in color, and are letting you know of a potential concern with a system that may require maintenance.

Brake related lights: A brake issue may crop up by way of a dashboard light before you can actually feel it. The ABS warning light will let you know the anti-lock braking system is malfunctioning. The light that simply says “BRAKE” indicates brake fluid levels may be low.

Tire pressure light: The tire pressure monitoring system tracks tire pressure and monitors levels. If air pressure has dipped below manufacturer recommended standards, the dashboard light will turn on.

Master warning light: This light, which is represented by an exclamation point inside of a triangle, can clue you in to a vehicle concern. Look to the display area for an explanation. It may be that a door or the trunk is open, fuel is low, or the fuel cap is loose.

Indicator Lights

Indicator Lights

As you’re using different Nissan Altima functions, indicator lights will turn on. This can be when turning on headlights, using a turn signal, or setting a certain drive mode.

If these lights are working as they should, they’ll usually turn on after you’ve commanded them to. If they turn on without driver input, there may be a system fault. Let’s take a closer look at these indicator lights.

Cruise indicator: If the Altima says “CRUISE” or “SET,” it’s saying that the cruise control is activated or is in use.

Light indicator: There are different light indicators, which mean vehicle lights are activated. A blue symbol with lines coming off it means the high beams are on. The fog light indicator looks like the high beam indicator, but has wavy lines along with it. The green arrows? Your turn signal is on, of course.

Dynamic control indicator: When vehicle dynamic control is off, this light will be on. Restart the engine to reactivate it. If the light remains on while driving, have the system checked as soon as possible.

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If you have any questions about these lights, don’t hesitate to contact our Performance Nissan technicians. Some of these dashboard lights could mean your vehicle needs service.

We’ll work efficiently to uncover any potential issues and return your vehicle to the roadways as soon as possible.

We Know Your Dashboard

Performance Nissan is proud to serve Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Tamarac motorists. We understand your Nissan Altima dashboard and the lights that go with it. Don’t be left in the dark in Pompano Beach, Margate, and Coral Springs.

If you ever have a question about a dashboard symbol, give us a call or stop by. Our technicians will be happy to assist you.