Best Lattes near Pompano Beach FL

This family-owned local coffee roaster is right in the heart of Pompano Beach. They also have a mobile café that’s always on the move, and can be found at weddings, private parties, and business functions. Visit their location to pick up a latte and a tasty baked good to go along with it, for a great way to start the day.


It’s easy to wake up with Blooming Bean at home, too. Sign up online for a monthly automatic shipment of two 12 oz. bags of coffee sent to your door each month. The coffee rotates, so you’ll always have something different for each season.

Calusa Coffee Roasters

Calusa sources some of the best coffees in the world, maintaining relationships with farmers and the communities where the coffee comes from. Each batch of coffee is hand-selected and freshly roasted.

At the Calusa café, you’ll find an authentic Italian bar experience, with lattes, expertly pulled espresso drinks, and pour-over coffees made with beans roasted daily on-site. Options include Art Deco, which comes with a dark chocolate flavor and velvety finish. The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, meanwhile, is a coffee which has hints of floral notes and an intense taste. This flavor, along with many others, can make a truly unique latte.

Chez Café

coffee shopThis cozy café welcomes visitors with pictures lining the walls and a vibrant, happy atmosphere. Perhaps everyone is happy because of the expansive menu. Hot drinks include lattes, macchiatos, Cubanos, and espressos. Don’t forget to ask about the “Daily Grind” to see what’s being brewed that day.

There are also hand-baked goods to select from, along with breakfast sandwiches and croissants. For the lunch crowd, choose from wraps like tuna, veggie, or turkey pesto, or paninis like caprese, Cuban, or barbecue chicken. Dine in and enjoy free Wi-Fi. Or, if you’re on the go, visit the drive-thru.

Pick Up a Latte Today

Get that extra pick-me-up by finding a latte near Pompano Beach today. All three of these spots are worth checking out!